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Why Orchid Delivery Flower Bouquets Make a Great Gift on Any Occasion in Singapore?

No matter the occasion, you can find a suitable gift to send for Flower Delivery. That Flower Shop offers a large selection of orchid flowers fit for any occasions. Orchids are beautiful and charming, and they make a great gift for all occasions. Aside from their unique beauty, there are more reasons why choosing orchids is your best move when it comes to sending flowers to your loved ones as they celebrate their special days:

  • Orchids are perfect

Being the epitome of perfect beauty, a hand bouquet of orchid flowers will surely brighten up someone’s special day. With numerous sizes, colors, shapes, patterns, and variation available for special flower arrangement, there will surely be a perfect design for the celebrant. The classy and elegant flowers of orchids will make the celebration even more special.

  • Orchids are durable

Some cut fresh flowers tend to perish after one or two weeks, but a lovely orchid flower can last for up to 4 to 6 weeks. According to the florist in Singapore, when the orchid flower finishes its blooming period, it enters the resting period and will tend to last for long while resting before the blooms finally wither or dry away. When you send an orchid delivery floral arrangement on birthdays and holidays, the celebrant will be able to enjoy the blooms for a longer period of time.

  • Orchids are easy to maintain

Whether you have the green thumb or not, you will enjoy taking care of the orchid flower because it is so easy to take care of. You will only need to water a potted orchid plant every morning or spray some water to a floral arrangement and it will be good for the day as long as it is not placed under the direct heat of the sun or other heat sources.

  • Orchids are a special personal gift

A special gift of orchid delivery flower shows your thoughtfulness and care for the celebrant. Even if you choose the same day flower delivery of orchids, the recipient only knows that you care enough for choosing to send orchids on this special day.

For special days, holidays, occasions, and events, the orchid flower bouquet makes a great gift to send to your loved ones. An Orchid Delivery Singapore is also affordable and within your budget, giving you an enjoyable flower gifting opportunity to greet the celebrant or to make the occasion memorable.