Flower wreath Singapore is actually a flower arrangement in a circle form where the flowers can be seen from both sides. For centuries, this type of flower arrangement is popular all around the world. Flower wreath which also can be called as a flower crown is a beautiful and favorite accessory among girls. Moreover, flower wreaths also have a special meaning; they are the symbol of fertility, love, and celebration and it stays that way throughout the history.

Ancient Greek even used them to honor their Gods at special occasions. Perhaps this what made flower wreath is often used for a condolence too; they can express honor and respect to the bereaved in a beautiful and appropriate way.

Condolence Wreath

In many cultures and even religion, sending flowers to people who just experienced a loss is already a tradition; either sending it to the home of the bereaved or the funeral. It’s a traditional way of acknowledging a loss, sending flowers also an appropriate way to respect and show sympathy in this tough time.

There are many types of flower arrangements to express a condolence but flower wreath Singapore is one of the best options. The circle form of a condolence wreath is a symbol for an eternal life too, which represents the remembrance of the deceased will stay forever in the heart of the family and everyone who cares.

However, your flower choice should be based on time and location. Keep in mind that the flowers, even though you send it to the grieving family or the bereaved, it is not about them; it’s about the deceased. Choose the flowers that could best represent your relationship to the one who just passed away. It is also essential for you to understand the meaning of the flowers before you send them. Each flower, according to its shape and color, has a meaning. Pick flowers that could express your respect, sympathy and compassion to the bereaved, such as:

White Lilies

They are the perfect symbol for sympathy and purity, that’s why white lilies often considered as a funeral flower. The purity of Lily could also mean the innocence of the deceased’s soul after returned to a peaceful state.


Carnations stand for remembrance, but they could also symbolize an undying love; that makes them a good flower for condolence.


Roses speaks love and humility, and they also never failed to calm someone with their elegance. Each color of Roses has a different meaning though. While red Roses could evoke grief and love, yellow Roses can show the friendship bonds, and the white Roses express spirituality and purity.


They are the flower of sympathy. In Asia, they even considered as a rebirth flower, a great choice to express your condolence.

Pick the best quality flowers and send a bouquet to the bereaved or you can send them a beautiful arrangement of flower wreath.

Why Buy Flower Wreath Singapore

The thing about a flower wreath as a condolence flower is that you can mix it up with other type of flowers (like the flowers mentioned above) in one piece of beautiful arrangement which is easier to bring and last much longer than a usual flower arrangement in a bouquet.

The flowers in a wreath will eventually die too, in an elegant and beautiful way. Even the dry and brown color of a flower wreath could show its own beauty and can be used as a type of vintage decoration at home, as a way to remember the deceased. This can indeed be a lovely gesture for the bereaved of the grieving family in the mourning phase. The scent, the color, and the arrangement of a flower wreath are just perfect for a beautiful gift in any type of serious occasion like a death of someone.

Buy a flower wreath Singapore at a local or nearest florist in your area before you attend a funeral or visiting their home to pay respect to the bereaved. You can also buy and get the flower wreath online through some online delivery service. Nowadays, almost every florist has an online service where they can sell their items online and deliver it to their customer, including thatflowershop.co.

You can simply choose and order the flower wreath or any kind of flower arrangement on our website. This will actually be the most convenient way to buy flowers. Going to a flower shop by yourself can be a hassle sometimes—when you don’t feel like going anywhere because you are sad.

Order the flower online and use our delivery service to deliver the flowers would be a great idea. This is also a solution if you are just not able to pay a visit because of some business and other important things to take care of. Send the flowers a week or a few days after the funeral can be your alternative to show your respect.

Sometimes words are just not enough to express our emotions. This is the role of flowers; they can help you to express and communicate your feeling and intention, this includes to the grieving people. Fresh flowers could convey a sense of comfort and kind thought to them during the grieving time. They are the common way to pay tribute to the deceased and to tell the bereaved that they are not alone and there is someone like you who still cares.