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Hello, we are That Flower Shop, a company that sells flowers that has many years of experience in the field, as well as the most prepared team to manage, select and make arrangements of your preferred flowers. Although we have the idea of a funeral as something negative, we firmly believe that the flowers shown at funerals have a positive meaning. We say goodbye to a loved one, wishing them well and remembering them with all the love and consideration they deserve.

It is usual to send a bouquet of flowers to the family of the deceased to present our condolences and to accompany them in the hard moment of mourning. In the same way, for the moment of the funeral or for the mortuary, wreaths of flowers are sent as a tribute to the deceased and to give them a last farewell. Funeral bouquets are usually conical in shape and ready to be clucked flat or in a container. Find out more about the perfect flowers for this occasion here!


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Here at That Flower Shop we believe that funeral flowers are the element that cannot be missing in a funeral, due to the respect and affection that we show with them. The floral arrangement of funerals has evolved a lot. Nowadays it is an art. There are professionals dedicated to working with the flowers that prepare centers, crosses, bouquets and crowns for funerals. The condolence wreath is the most widely used nowadays.

We are one of those professionals who are dedicated to working with the flowers you need for any occasion you need, especially in times as delicate and difficult as losing a loved one. While we can’t give you all the comfort you might need, we will give you what we can offer: our flower management services, as well as flower arrangements, for when you need them the most.


We Offer A Wide Variety of Different Types of Cheap Funeral Flowers

The most beautiful thing about the human species is everything it can communicate without using words. In a time of such vulnerability and difficulty, flowers for funeral are an indispensable gesture that can help more than anyone believes. Because of this, there are different flowers that can express different feelings, even though any flower in itself at a time like this is more than welcome.

While there is no strict or quick rule regarding the types of flowers that must be sent in funerals or to the homes of the loved ones of the deceased, there are many flowers that are usually selected by tradition. Here are some suggestions for sympathy flowers for funeral with meanings that might be appropriate:

Apple Blossom: Good Things to Come

Lily: Return of happiness

Ivy: Eternal Fidelity

Red roses: love, respect, courage.

Roses: gratitude, gentleness.

Here are some of the funeral flowers and wreaths services we offer:

  • Funeral Flower Bouquet
  • Cross Wreath
  • Heart Shaped Wreath
  • Funeral Casket Sprays/ Coffin Top Flowers
  • Flower Ring for Funeral
  • Funeral Urn Flowers
  • Condolences Blanket
  • Funeral Flower Stand
  • Funeral Plants
  • Chinese Funeral Flowers
  • Flower Angel
  • Flowers for Cremation
  • Funeral Garden


Why Should You Come to Us for Your Funeral Flowers?

Here in Flower That Shop we want to accompany you with our flowers even in the most difficult moments, so we have a special catalog of flower for funeral, for occasions like these. We have all types of flowers and arrangements so that you can express funeral wreath, and our recommendations include wreaths, palms and crosses of flowers.

In addition to the flowers that we have just listed above, many of the floral arrangements for funerals contain a background made with different types of green leaves, which gives a more respectful image. We include those in the arrangements that we create, so you can express your wreath in the most proper way.


Send Cheap Funeral Flowers from Our Expert Florist Team and Learn How to Write Condolence Message for your Sympathy Flowers.

In That Flower Shop we are lovers of flowers, because they convey joy, happiness and are in themselves beneficial to health and life in general. However, and as unlikely as it may seem, they do much more than that. In moments of loss and sadness, they give comfort and show respect. They have their own language, they tell a story with all the meanings they carry, and they accompany us in all the moments of life, even the most painful ones.

Because of this, as well as our marked satisfaction policy, we think we are your best choice when it comes to finding the cheapest funeral flowers in Singapore. We are with you in this difficult time, when you want to give a condolence message through flowers –  therefore, we offer a 24/7 sympathy flower delivery, because we are with you always, no matter what.


Deliver Funeral Flowers 24/7 in Singapore.

Sending flowers from a website has become very common, and at Flower That Shop we have a special catalogue for funerals. We have all kinds of flowers and arrangements for funerals, and we also offer a 24/7condolences flower delivery. Our goal is to brighten a day that can be sad for everyone, and accompany our customers with our flowers even in the most difficult moments.

We offer a variety of delivery options because we know you may want to send flowers to wake or funeral home in different ways, at different times, different days – and we are prepared for it. The most popular options are same day delivery and next day delivery – because when it comes to urgent delivery, we are your best allies.

While we hope you will never have to order flowers for funerals again, we want to remind you that we are here for you every time you need us. We will provide you with the best services we can so that this difficult time for you goes by without unnecessary problems, and you can dedicate your time to healing and remembering your loved one.

Condolences flowers are sympathy flowers; it shows your sympathy towards the bereaved. It can be said as a floral recognition for the loss of the bereaved.

Sometimes, it is just hard for us to find the right words at times, sending the flowers to the bereaved will help you show how much you care for them for their loss.

Flowers can say a lot about some things that you could not imagine. The language of flowers is universal because without you say your intention verbally, people can understand; they know that you care, they know that you are there for them, they know that they are not alone getting through this tough times.

The death of someone, especially someone close, can be a traumatic experience. People will find it hard to believe and sometimes even cannot accept the fact about the loss. During these times, what they need is the attention of others, and you one way to do it is by sending them condolences flower Singapore.

Why Condolences Flower Singapore?

During a hard time, people tend to be more sensitive than usual. It requires extra patience and carefulness when you want to comfort them.

You want to say much to comfort them, but you don’t want to say the wrong thing. It is why condolence flowers would be a great idea for comforting the bereaved.

Sending funeral flowers is actually a traditional way of comforting the bereaved, especially the family in almost every religion and country in the world, flowers even often used in a burial or a funeral too.

Let those who experience a loss know that you are thinking of them by sending them flowers. It might look like a simple thing, but it could mean a lot for them. Besides showing that you care, the flowers also can entertain or cheer up the mood with its beauty.

Send the flower as soon as possible after you heard the news. When it is delivered or arrived on time—just in time when the bereaved need smiles the most, your flower delivery might help a lot.

If you have the opportunity to come, you can comfort and give the flowers directly by yourself, but if you can’t, try to deliver the flower to the home of the bereaved instead.

Almost everyone had a therapeutic effect when they see flowers. The shapes, the colors, and the scents of a beautiful flower simply can make people cheer up and get a sense of a good vibe, and it will help them a lot to go through the grieving phase.

Choose the type of flower that is cheerful and just a bit bright to lighten up this sad day. Lilies, Orchids, Roses, Carnations, and Daffodils are among the popular choices for condolences flower greeting.

There is a power on flowers in the grieving process; a study even revealed that the flowers are not only calming but also fortifying. That is why one simple thing you could do (sending them flowers) could help so much.

Order Funeral Flowers

For service like flower delivery, people mostly use it for several special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduation days, or Valentine’s day.

People even like to order flowers on an ordinary day (without any occasion) to simply surprise their loved one. So why don’t you also do this for the bereaved that need comfort the most during their sad times, too?

Most florist, especially the best one that provides quality service like the perfect arrangement of sympathy flowers and send it out immediately so it can be arrived on time and of course, safely.

You can also customize or make your own combination for the flower arrangement to have a more personal touch to comfort the bereaved. Even though it will take a little while, it would mean so much because of the personal touch.

Nowadays there are only so many online florist service you can use to order and deliver the flower in a simple way, but condolences flower Singapore is one of the best choices.

The florist delivery service will provide you an arrangement of flowers that is inspired by how is the situation of the time, so when it comes for condolence, the best florist will do their best to make the best arrangement of flowers that not only reflect the situation but also can brighten up the situation.

That is why sending a bouquet of flowers it would be a great idea for a condolence greeting; it does not only show your care but also might help the bereaved to get through the bad times.

Death is a tragic and difficult occurrence for every person to get through. It is more painful for the people who have lost someone that mean so much in their life.

Support from you might really help and mean so much for them to get through it, it is when they realize that there are some people who are still there for them and will help them during hard times.

Although some people and even you might think of something better to give or do comfort the bereaved, flowers are simply a traditional gesture of affection that people would choose.

You will want to send the flowers to show your sympathy as soon as you hear the news. However, you can also send the condolences flowers a month after the funeral, as a reminder to the bereaved that you are still and always be there for them.