Most people would celebrate the traditional and International New Year’s Day that comes every year on the first day of January. Then there is the not-so-traditional Chinese New Year’s Day.

Not everyone celebrates this holiday, which is also known as the Lunar New Year, but when someone does celebrate, it is always fun and extravagant as most Chinese, and non-Chinese, believe in Feng Shui or the welcoming of Good Luck by following certain traditions like the giving of a chinese new year hamper.

During this holiday, people would often gift each other with food like a fruit basket, and cake, and even money. They usually gift them in one set, which are known as a chinese new year hamper.

The beauty of these customized gifts is that you do not have to worry about where to buy these things or how to arrange them as some florists in Singapore, have hamper delivery service.

CNY hamper are always a big hit among the Chinese community, and they usually give them to friends that are both Chinese and not. This is usually done as a sign of appreciation and customs. There is even a belief that what you give will be returned to you twice as much, which is why most Chinese people are very generous. Especially those who believe in Feng Shui.

This is usually a busy time and most people would find it a hassle to go and order a Chinese New Year Hamper or make one themselves. Which is why it being convenient that a florist online can easily take your order via their website, suggest or customize a unique chinese new year hamper that you can gift your close friends and relatives.

You can even avail of their florist delivery services, to have them delivered to the recipient without having to worry about time and travel.

An online florist can easily make one of your desired hamper and have them delivered for a fee. And you can avoid the hectic holiday all together. The benefit of this is that you can even place an order in advance to avoid the holiday traffic.

CNY hamper is definitely a great way to show someone you appreciate them and to wish them a fruitful and joyous filled Lunar New Year, even if they are not your traditional Chinese Family. Hampers are good gift ideas for anyone, really. If you are thinking about buying one, here are some people you should consider giving to:


If you are Chinese, you know well that it is almost tradition to give New Year Hampers to your relatives. This may be your In-laws, your cousins, aunts and uncles. Anyone in your family tree that you want to thank for the year and wish all the best in the Lunar New Year. This not only shows an act of gratitude, but it is also an act of appreciation.

Close Friends

Even if they are not Chinese, giving them, this will put a smile on their faces as this is a way of showing that you are welcoming them to your culture and tradition, despite the differences of your beliefs.

Not only that but they will appreciate the kind and traditional gesture as this is known as a big deal. Your Chinese friends will love the idea and return the gesture as this is traditionally a sign of gratitude and wishing the best of luck for the new year.


There is nothing like welcoming the Lunar New year by thanking and showing your appreciation to your workmates or officemates. These are the people you usually spend the whole week with, the ones you stress with and work with for a successful future. This helps in improving the relationship you have with your work mates and even invites luck and blessing into your work environment.


What better way to celebrate another new year than to wish your boss a good one? This goes for your work or the position you hold as well. It is always a good idea to be thankful to anything that helps you progress forward, and your boss is no exception. Wish him and your company a fruitful new year by having a special hamper delivered.


Our neighbors are usually the first friends we have when we move in as it is always good to welcome anyone in the neighborhood by saying hi or giving a traditional welcome by bringing them food.

The Lunar New Year is the best time to show them how much you appreciate living next to them. Not everyone is blessed to have good neighbors so if you have one, be thankful.

Loved One

Who says you can’t deliver a hamper to your girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé or even your siblings and parents? The Lunar New Year will never be complete without family as this is what is important to celebrate every year.

A simple gathering with a simple and unique gift that was carefully picked and customized is a good way to welcome the new year. Being with your family and hoping for a fruitful year ahead.

These are just some ideas to whom you can gift a hamper to. The Lunar New Year is basically the same as the New Year where everyone thanks their loved ones and close friend for the year that has passed and to welcome the new year ahead with hope, love and gratitude. It is always good to be thankful for another year.

Traditionally, you can give anyone a Chinese New Year hamper. There is no limit to showing gratitude and wishing someone a happy Lunar New Year. A CNY hamper are one of the good gift ideas because they are convenient, and pack of various food and traditional gifts.

So, don’t ever stress about what to get during Lunar New Year and have a customized hamper set and ready for delivery to anyone you want to give.