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No Frills Wedding Bouquet Packages

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No Frills


Artificial Flowers Car Decorations @ Standard
Bridal Hand Bouquet @ Standard
6 Corsages – 2 For Groom & 4 For Parents
Accompany Car Decoration x 2



Artificial Flowers Car Decorations @ Deluxe
Bridal Hand Bouquet @ Deluxe
6 Corsages – 2 For Groom & 4 For Parents
3 Wrist Corsages – For Brides Maids
Accompany Car Decoration x 2
With Customized Option



Fresh Flowers Car Decorations @ Premium
Bridal Hand Bouquet @ Premium
6 Corsages – 2 For Groom & 4 For Parents
3 Wrist Corsages – For Brides Maids
Accompany Car Decoration x 2
With Customized Option

How to Choose the Shape of Your Bridal Bouquet Singapore?

There are several different shapes of bouquets each that help the bride express something in their own unique manner. There some types of dresses, wedding décor, wedding flowers and bouquets that usually do not complement each other. It is very important to decide how you’re bridal bouquet Singapore should look like and the shape it is decorated in order to know the message being sent across. Below are different kinds of bouquets that send out different messages. All kinds of bouquets can be ordered at flower delivery stores.

  1. Select a round bouquet is often selected for its traditional outlook

The round bouquet is considered the most traditional kind of bouquet. It comes in one of the most versatile shapes. It is considered that round bouquets work very nicely with nearly every kind of wedding dress. It can be made up of a single color or multiple hues; it can vary in sizes or uniform flowers and species. It is easier to make round or globular arrangements and has economical rates. It can be made in any size that is preferred by bride.

  1. Loose bouquets for a calm tone

Loose bouquets are commonly referred to as hand tied or organic bouquets. They include different flowers or a collection of loosely tied flowers with a ribbon. This type of bouquet gives a rather relaxed look. These are considered perfect for beach weddings. These are often used as a Wedding Bouquet Singapore.

  1. Crescent shapes bouquets used for weddings

This kind of bouquet can be made to look modern or tradition by varying the kinds of flowers being used and the length of their arms. These kinds of bouquet are easily available on Wedding Florist and online florist.

  1. Pageant bouquet for formal weddings

These are famous for their long stems. This specific style is considered great for weddings and relatively formal events. If the flowers are tied in a loose manner then they can be used for casual occasions too.

  1. Use the oval bouquet with big wedding dress

An expert florist Singapore might recommend using two different colored flowers in oval bouquets. These are very similar to round bridal bouquet Singapore. They complement nicely with ball gowns and other wedding dresses that have a lot of flair.

  1. Heart bouquets represent sentiments of affection and love

When selecting heart bouquets use one color as the impression comes from the shape in this kind of bouquets rather than colors.  These are easily available at flower delivery Singapore.

These are a few tips that should be kept is mind while selecting the shape of a bridal bouquet Singapore.